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Baby Lit is like cliff notes for babies, with colorful imagery and unique twists on stories to ensure its both interesting and educational for both mom and baby. They are eco-friendly, environmentally organic, natural books so they are eco-concious, affordable and high quality.

Baby versions of classic literature books

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Baby Lit Books Emma
The Baby Lit version of Emma will help you and your little one step into...
Baby Lit Les Miserables
  Baby LIt wants to introduce your bébé to the world of Victor Hugo with...
Baby Lit Romeo + Juliet
The Baby Lit version of Romeo and Juliet will help you and your little one...
Baby Lit Jungle Book
Baby Lit transformed one of the best adventure books into an adventure deep into the...
Baby Lit Sense & Sensibility
Baby Lit Sense & Sensibility to help your little one observe the life and loves...
Baby Lit Anna Karenina
The Baby Lit version of Anna Karenina will introduce your little fashionista to classic fashions....
Baby Lit Moby Dick
Baby Lit and Little Master Melville teaches little ones the language of the sea in...
Doodle Lit Drawing the Classics
The creators of Baby Lit didn't want to leave the big kids out. They created...
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Baby Lit ABC Stroller Cards
Baby Lit at your fingertips, literally! Held by a reclosable ring that can be secured...
Baby Lit Pride & Pedjudice
Baby Lit Pride & Pedjudice will help introduce your little bibliophile to the romantic world...
Baby Lit Alice in Wonderland
  Baby Lit helps you to follow the white rabbit down the hole and drink...
Baby Lit A Midsummer Night's Dream
The team at Baby Lit has a perfect lullaby for a magical midsummer night, and...