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Self Care for breastfeeding mamas

Self Care for breastfeeding mamas

It's still national breastfeeding awareness month and we will continue with our giveaways and breastfeeding information!  This week we are going to go over some tips for self care.  Taking care of you is the best milk booster.

Ten tips for mommy care while nursing.

  1. Take ten deep breaths every day.  Inhale counting to 4 and exhale counting to 4.  You can do this while you are nursing.  Oxygen is like a light switch for stress release. 
  2. Acknowledge your feelings and talk about them. Talking to friends, family, other moms or even a therapist if needed can do wonders for your brain load.
  3. Sleep as often as you can.  That load of laundry will still be there when you wake up
  4. Exercise, exercise, exercise. 20 minutes a day any way you can get it in.
  5. Do something you enjoy.  Even if it’s watching trashy tv and eating popcorn in your bed
  6. Find your mom tribe.  They will be your circle of love and understanding we have a fantastic FB moms group called the Happy Mango M.I.L.F.s that you are more than welcome to join.
  7. Eat properly.  Carrying healthy snacks in your diaper bag will help curb bad food decisions when hungry.
  8. Get some sunshine. Talking a quick walk and soaking up that vitamin D is a natural mood booster.
  9. Ask for help if you need it.  Your mom tribe can help you find the proper resources if you need them
  10. Be easy on yourself.  You are nourishing another life.  You deserve grace and patience.
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