Tubby todd is all the rage for healthy happy skin

Tubby Todd products are quickly becoming one of our best selling products.  They are non-toxic, gluten, diary, soy, paraben, sulfate, artificial fragrance and color, BPS, and animal cruelty free.  They are also vegan, organic, and made in the USA.

The all over ointment is a dream for eczema sufferers.  You can use it as a spot treatment to relive itch and repair skin.

The bubble bath, everyday lotion, and rosemary hair and body wash have been the fly off the shelves trifecta.  They are scented just lightly enough for you to smell but not so much that it's intrusive. 

Tubby Todd also offers bath bombs, mama to be kits, freshening spray, and belly oil.  All of which we carry in the store.

Stop by to pick some up!  We only sell tubby todd in the store:)

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