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Let's have a look at the Agio Z4

Let's have a look at the Agio Z4

Let's have a look at the Agio Z4

Agio is a private label brand made by Peg Perego.  You get all of the same great features that you get with Peg, but you also get a 5 year warranty on all agio products.  The line is also only sold in specialty store so you also get the knowledge of the staff to help you understand all of the features and how to work your gear.  Today we will look at the Z4.  It is comparable to a Nuna Mixx and a Uppababy Cruz.


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  • What is your honest opinion of this brand in comparison to the nuna pipa and nuna mixx (which just seems to be more popular rather than better?) Having a hard time choosing has I purchased the nuna line but then received the Agio stroller.

    Ashley Howard on

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