Snuggle Me Organic

Snuggle Me Organic

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Swaddles and snuggles make for a happy sleepy littl one.  The Snuggle Me Organic is GOTS certified organic fabrics, filled with a hypoallergenic, virgin polyester fiber fill.

The Snuggle Me Organic lounger uses hypoallergenic poly fill that is free from flame retardants and ethylene glycol.

Each Snuggle Me lounger measures 29" x 18" x 4".  The center sling is 20" x 8" and meant to fit baby's head and torso with their legs draped over the bottom end.  Designed for babies 0-6 months. 

The magic is in the Snuggle Me’s slightly raised and unpadded patented center sling.
The Snuggle Me will gently pull in against baby, giving the feeling of a hug. This is a unique, patented center sling feature only found in the Snuggle Me. The Snuggle Me is not just a place to lay baby, but will physically pull in against baby's sides.  Because of their protective patents, no other sleeper or lounger can give this sensory experience to your baby... all others fall short. 

Snuggle Me is the best functioning and highest quality lounger on the market.  We are confident it will make baby feel close and feeling secure.

The Snuggle Me Love it Guarantee gives you 30 days from purchase date to try Snuggle Me with your little one.  If for any reason you are not satisfied simply send it back for a full refund. No questions asked. It's that easy.

To keep your Snuggle Me in pristine condition and avoid shrinking, wash and dry on cool, gentle settings.  Only dry lounger part way and finish by air drying for best results.

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